Foa - Vak War : Enough Is Enough

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Greetings, Arcadians and fellow C&G members, I’ve typed up this thread in response to VAK’s “FoA - VAK War: Enough is Enough” which can be found here; Seeing as VAK have decided to make a whole word wall of a thread in regards to “negotiations”, I think it’s appropriate that I do the same. I’ll be addressing most, if not, all of VAK’s points in this thread as well. Though I don’t know If I wanna spend my time making a whole book. Let’s get to it.

To begin with, they brought up our track record. This track record consisted of RAA, OO, ASOV, and RAT. They thought it’d be a nice idea to go look up to the previous wars FoA fought to prepare to negotiate with FoA, so they looked up to the experiences that ASOV and RAT have faced. The “war” with ASOV didn’t really occur considering they backed out early, and out of respect for the clan, Dystra allowed them to. ( The war was 4-0 at the time, in our favor. ) The war with RAT was mostly just negotiations and then we decided that we didn’t want a part in it after all that both High-Commands have been through negotiations, we deemed that the war most likely wouldn’t have worked out. Although we have gotten over 30 wins at their base, (a/XrGvl) we didn’t think war was a necessity, raiding them non-stop proved Arcadian superiority. Vaktovia may bring up the track record all they want, but they must know that I was not yet crowned Emperor at the time of all these previous…

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