Foam Will Be The Most Effective Insulating Material

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It was hypothesised that the foam would be the most effective insulating material. After testing each of the variables twice and calculating the averages and rates, the hypothesis was supported by the data collected. It was hypothesised that foam would be the best insulator because of the material’s dense properties and the air pockets in the foam that can absorb heat molecules. The hypothesis was supported as foam contains portions of air ‘bubbles’ that trap heat in the process of convection, and can therefore contain the heat without considerable amounts of heat discharging. The controlled variable was the least effective insulator as the heat was able emit through the process of convection which can only occur in liquids and gases, such as air.…show more content…
The results recorded, occurred because foam is an efficient insulator. Foam is a effectual insulator as the material has efficient amounts of trapped gas bubbles, which obstructs heat molecules from colliding together in them; therefore hindering the heat transfers in conduction. The control variable, air, was supported as an ineffective insulator as it allowed the heat to be released from the water into the gas, air. Air is inept as an insulator as convection occurs in liquids and gases, such as air. Air has no solid element to trap the heat in the process of convection that occurs in air, as opposed to the gas bubbles in
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