Focus Group Data Analysis

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The data was gathered by using a focus group methodology combined one to one interviews for the student with Autism. The purpose of using two methods of data collection is based on the action research study design, which takes a series of quick looks at different times in a variety of ways (Johnson, 2012). By using focused groups to collect data, insight is gained on the different perspective of multiple stakeholders on to how to build a comprehensive transition plan that will carry students with ASD starting secondary school into adulthood (Kucharczyk et al., 2015). In addition focus groups use people with similar characteristic who engage in a deliberate discussion about a particular topic . Furthermore the focus group methodology used will help to identify key issues and themes in areas that has limited data gathered (Fontana & Frey, 1994). The focus group questions will be descriptive in nature. This type of questioning is used to help establish rapport, and get the perspective of the stakeholders on how they see the problem. . According to Spradley (1979) building rapport means that a basic sense of trust has developed that allows for the free flow of information.…show more content…
The focus group will be semi structured using core questions established to the topic being addressed.The different methods used to collect data is intended to examine the experiences of the educators and students transitioning into high school and and their experiences during high school. Grand tour questions and different forms of grand tour questioning allow participant to describe daily activity and experience while in school or working in the school system. Furthermore Descriptive questions will elicit responses that will give the research ample data to come up with components of a transition plan that will be effective(Spradley,
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