Focus Group Design

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Running head: CONDUCTING A FOCUS GROUP Conducting a Focus Group of XXX Educational Program Graduates By Outstanding DHA Student Medical University of South Carolina PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to describe the planning and design of a focus group for recent graduates of the XXX Program at YYY State University in Northridge (UN). The mission of the XXX program is to produce graduates that can function effectively in staff, front-line management and middle management positions for a variety of health care sectors. Insufficient data exists to determine qualitatively if we have fulfilled our mission. This qualitative research is intended to…show more content…
The letter will be followed with a telephone call by the investigator or research assistant to determine level of interest and availability. The investigator has chosen to utilize Morgan’s (1997) “rules of thumb” to determine the numbers of participants and groups. The goal will be to have sufficient participants to create a minimum of three groups of six to ten individuals participating in a two-hour focus group. The maximum number of groups will be five. Structure The unit of analysis is the group and to assure inter-group comparability, the investigator will utilize a more structured format with high moderator involvement. However, the moderator will be free to probe deeper into a given topic and allow new topics to be raised as needed. If appropriate, a reverse funnel approach will be allowed in order to solicit free-flow conversation particularly toward the end. Under the auspices of the general research question, the questions utilized by the moderator will be framed around the curriculum content requirements of the Commission of Accreditation of XXX . Table 1 lists the proposed questions. Table 1 |CA XXX Curriculum |Focus Group Questions | |Structuring, marketing, positioning and governing health |How would you characterize your knowledge of organizational | |organizations to achieve optimum performance. |structures and has
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