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The populace of interest for the Women’s Health and Money at Work Project focus groups was low to moderate-income women in Los Angeles County. The study was organized and developed by Iris Cantor - UCLA Women’s Health and Education Research Center, and funded by Cathay Bank Foundation. To note UCLA was approved by the IRB to move forward with the study. For this study four focus groups were pre-scheduled through June – August 2015 at St. Joseph's Center (SJC) or The New Economics Center for Women (NECW). Deciding on the two individual sites were selected by targeting the low-income population and where they were geographically located. In cooperation, SJC and NECW recruited all the participants through email and flyers. As well as, on an…show more content…
Among the sample size, the income range was $0 - $17,450. In addition, the data gathered that 53% of the women didn’t finish elementary school or high school. The current employment position of the women varied from 25% of the women being homemakers, 15% working full time, 14% part time, 14% unemployed, 10% self employed, 10% were a student or working on a degree, and 12 % social security, retired, disabled or other. Unfortunately, there was not a clear representation of the average paid hours worked. Data Collection Eight to fifteenth participants were in attendance at each focus group. At the start of each focus group participants began by completing a general survey about their socio-demographic, finances, health and wellbeing. A researcher facilitated a series of questions and two UCLA team members took notes and recorded each group. The questions (appendix a) covered topics from overall health, nutrition, budget, savings, debt, and financial security. All the information then was transcribed and analyzed by the UCLA team members. The 3 Spanish focus group was transcribed and interpreted by an outside vendor. While the English focus an UCLA team member transcribed group. Data Analysis Equally important, to grasp how the qualitative study data was extracted a codebook was produced and categorized all the responses. After these questions

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