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Professor Wohn IS 375-001 Designing the User Experience 12 November 2014 ASSIGNMENT #3 FOCUS GROUP Transcription: For the transcription, I went with the INTERMEDIATE OPTION where I only recorded the important sections. There were a few moments during the study where the conversation got a little off topic. Those parts are not included in the transcription below. Also, the conversation was very informal, so I did my best to make everyones words sound more proper without changing the meaning of their statements. *General Introduction and briefing* Is health important to you? * General consensus is yes, of course health is important (no one chose to elaborate) How often do you think about your health? * All the…show more content…
Basically any technology that is focused on health. * No * I don’t but a few of my friends do * I don’t personally but I worked out with a friend who uses FitBit * They seem interesting, but I've never tried using one since I don’t work out. Maybe if i worked out I would try one Ian, what is FitBit like and how does your friend like using it? * My buddy on the team uses it and he loves it. He keeps telling me and Jose to get one. It’s basically a digital wristband that he wears on his wrist all day, everyday and it tracks his activity throughout the day. It also links to an app on his phone where he can record his food intake and sleep. Wow that sounds awesome! Do any of you ever see yourselves ever using anything like that? * No, probably not * Actually after talking about it, I kind of want one now haha but I heard its pretty expensive * Yea it sounds pretty cool * I can appreciate the device and I like what it does, but I don’t see myself ever using it I quickly looked up the price of FitBit online and found it was roughly between $100-150 depending on the model Yea I’m sure a device like that would be costly, but how much do you think you would be willing to spend on FitBit if you really liked the way it worked. * I guess 50 bucks or so If I told you that it costs about $100, would you still want to buy it? * Maybe

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