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Focus on Culture Since Elliot is from Puerto Rico, his first language is Spanish. He reads from left to right and uses the same number system and a similar alphabet, other than additional letters with accent marks or “la tilde”. Phonology is actually less complicated for Spanish speakers, as vowels only have one pronunciation, where there can be different sounds for vowels in English. This might cause a language learner trouble as they try to distinguish when to use the different vowel sounds, specifically with a, e, and i. Consonants such as h, j, r, and y may also cause the student trouble as these letters have different names and sounds in Spanish. Another issue Spanish speakers may have difficulty with is distinguishing words that…show more content…
Yet with another ELL, she has seen the parents strong desire to help their student succeed by scheduling conferences the moment they find the student is struggling. This is not the case for all ELLs, however. An issue that English speaking teachers may have is communicating with parents, especially if the parents of the student do not know English. This may make it harder to keep in touch as often as necessary, as the teacher will need to utilize a translator or native Spanish speaker in order to properly communicate from conferences to simple notes home.
Home Life
Puerto Rican’s have a strong love for their country and their culture. Even while living in America, many will not refer to themselves as Americanos but as Puertorriqueños (internations). When I asked Elliot where he was from, he said “I am Puerto Rico” and showed much pride for his home as he excitedly spoke in Spanish. The family is the most important thing for Puerto Ricans, unlike the more isolated nuclear family found in America. The family desires to work together as a team, while Americans are more centralized on competition. This may cause the student to seem lazy in class, when really they are uninterested in independent contests. In regards to religion, the island of Puerto Rico is predominantly Roman Catholic, so there are more conservative ideas in place and a strong belief in God. Instead of celebrating Christmas as the big holiday, Puerto
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