Focus On Education Or Clothing?

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Focus on Education or Clothing? Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Evenings spent laying out school clothes for grandchildren quickly teaches us just how insane current expectations for school dress decisions are each day. Individuals will face this problem on a daily basis, which can lead to overwhelming stress. Enforcing mandatory school uniforms can benefit each family member in monumental ways. Uniforms can lift financial burdens for parents and the constant peer comparison for children. It also allows students of differing backgrounds to be brought together to express themselves equally. One clearly can see that school uniforms should become mandatory in all public educational systems K-12. Proposing this change would improve the overall experience for everyone involved. Consequently, how many parents have trouble with children picking out their clothes for school each morning? Youth with the need to compare brands, style, and labels is increasing for every age. According to a national 2013 survey, over 90% of US school leaders believe school uniform or formal dress code policies “eliminate wardrobe battles with the kids," make it "easier to get the kids ready in the morning," and create "time savings in the morning."( Furthermore, children or teens spend so much of their time worrying about whether shoes match their outfit, with no concern if they complete their assignments or homework. Students

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