Focus Student Reflection Paper

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Focus Student 1: a. While the Final assessment did not show an impact in this student’s grade, there results did improve and their understanding is stronger. The student was able begin identifying examples and properly explaining why. In order for the student to reach a 2.5 they are required to answer 5 of the level 3 questions, and this student was able to answer 2 of these level questions. While this is not a lot, it is an improvement over their previous assessment, and does show growth. b. While this student has their vocabulary down, they are still struggling with finding and defending valid examples. While there is improvement in melting and freezing examples, the students struggles to understand sublimation and cannot explain properly what happens during evaporation and condensation. They also struggle to understand how malleability and viscosity are related to the kinetic theory model as seen in questions 7 and 8. c.…show more content…
On this assessment, I asked a lot of probing questions, as I feel like that the student just needs some guidance. Given that the student has improved, however just seems to be progressing slower, I also recommended that this student re-assess. d. When the final assessment was graded, students looked at their graded assessment online, and we discussed it as a class. While students reviewed their assessment, I was able to discuss this assessment with this student individually. I let them know where they stood and how if they re-assessed, they would be able to do better with some
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