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Focus is what develops a Brand We Seem to Be Confusing Product Brands and Company Brands It's obvious that Procter & Gamble is a company brand, but what's an Apple? Like P&G, Apple is a company brand. But unlike P&G, the Apple company brand is a powerful motivating force for buying Apple product brands including the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Every company should have a powerful company brand, but they don't. Except for a handful of companies like Johnson & Johnson, most company brands influence very few consumers. How many consumers go out of their way to buy Procter & Gamble products? Or Unilever products? Or PepsiCo products? Or General Motors products? Not very many. How do you build a company brand?…show more content…
Short-term vs. long-term success. Yahoo was a short-term success because it built a brand around a hard attribute, search. But it is failing in the long term because it failed to differentiate the role of a product brand vs. a company brand. As a company, Yahoo should have jumped on every new development on the internet with a new strategy and a new brand name and a new website using that brand name. Not by expanding the Yahoo product brand, but by expanding the Yahoo company brand with additional, narrowly-focused product brands. The future belongs to multiple-brand companies, but with a caveat. A multiple-brand company still needs a focus. Compare the focused Apple company brand with other high-tech companies. Microsoft is a software company that has gone sideways for years. Why? Because it has tried to get into hardware (Zune, Xbox, Surface), advertising sales (aQuantive), enterprise social networks (Yammer.) At one time, it even tried to buy Yahoo. Google is following the same playbook. An internet company that is trying to build hardware brands (Nexus tablet computers, Motorola Smartphones.) Looking at Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Two hardware companies trying to get into the software business. Why is that? Because management at both companies has decided that they can't make money in

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