Focus on Power: the Case of Steve Jobs

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Focus on Power: The Case of Steve Jobs In 2007, Fortune named Steve Jobs the “Most Powerful Person in Business.” In 2009, the magazine named him “CEO of the Decade.” Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), has transformed no fewer than five different industries: computers, Hollywood movies, music, retailing, and wireless phones. His Apple II ushered in the personal computer era in 1977, and the graphical interface of the Macintosh in 1984 set the standard that all other PCs emulated. His company Pixar defined the computer-animated feature film. The iPod, iTunes, and iPhone revolutionized how we listen to music, how we pay for and receive all types of digital content, and what we expect of a mobile phone. How has Jobs done it? Jobs draws…show more content…
Discussion Questions 1. Steve Jobs has achieved a great deal of success. What are some possible negative consequences of the level of power that he holds? 2. Where does Steve Jobs’s power and influence come from? 3. How might the CEO of Apple create compliance within his organization? 4. Does a member of an organization who has the title of power, such as Steve Jobs, need legitimacy from the members of the organization to realize that power, or is the title enough? 5. Apple is a global company. How might the power structure within Apple change to reflect regional differences?
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