Focus on a Pilgrim in Dante's Divine Comedy

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Dante’s divine comedy focuses on the journey of a Pilgrim by the name of Dante from Italy in which he travels through the circles of Hell, the terraces of Purgatory and the spheres of Paradise. Dante the Pilgrim has lived his life the wrong way, in a way that goes against how God would live life and through this journey the pilgrim hopes to find a way to return to the path he was once on: the right path. Throughout his journey he encounters numerous souls who have either been placed in Hell, in Purgatory or in Paradise. At first the Pilgrim felt sympathy and compassion towards the souls for the punishments they had to endure but those feelings soon went away as he continued on. He no longer felt sympathy or compassion but instead felt merciless and hatred towards the souls. It then becomes apparent that Dante the Pilgrim changed as a human being because the way he saw others changed, as well as how he saw life.
Dante the Pilgrim had lived a life in which he considered himself to be a sinner and was fearful that he would end up in the terrace of the proud in Purgatory. This was the path that he wanted to get off of and instead get on a path that would allow him access into Heaven. Dante is presented with his first guide of his journey which is Virgil. He makes it apparent that he greatly admires Virgil when he says to him “You are my master and my author, you the only one from whom my writing drew the noble style for which I have been honored” (Canto I 85-87) and he is happy
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