Foer's Anecdotes

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Many different authors and writers use different styles and techniques to engage and persuade the intended audience of their work. Writers try to establish a good connection with the readers to cause the readers to believe their claims. For a writer to be able to engage their reader and keep their attention is a very important engagement strategies. In the book “They Say, I say,” two authors have their writing inside and they use different strategies to engage and persuade their readers. The first writer is Gladwell. Gladwell writes about how technology will not be the reason for social change in the world. The other writings strategies being evaluated is Foer. Foer writes about how he is against eating meat and his own personal evidence and…show more content…
Both writers are effective with their strategies. Foer uses anecdotes to create personal connection and open up to the reader to engage them, while Gladwell uses anecdotes to excite the reader. Foer’s way of using anecdotes engages younger readers much easier than Gladwell's. Younger readers tend not to read through Foer’s personal anecdotes as lies and see his anecdotes as his own personal experiences. Gladwell's anecdotes may attract older generations easier, because his anecdotes are stories from the past. These anecdotes can cause nostalgia in the older readers and may cause them to be more engaged and interested in reading. However, Foer does an overall better job of engaging most readers. Foer keeps his essay very personal all the way through. He is writing almost like a friend telling you just to try being vegetarian. It keeps the reader more engaged, because readers would rather have friend talk to them, than a guardian figure pushing an idea onto them.

The ability to engage the reader and keep their attention is one of the most important skills a writer needs and must utilize. Foer and Gladwell both use anecdotes to engage their readers, however in somewhat different ways. Foer opens up to the reader and makes an emotional connection, while Gladwell tries to interest the reader and create a hunger for knowledge. Both these writers are very skillful with this strategy and are able to keep their readers
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