Fog Computing That Its Adoption And Implementation Can Be Improved Essay

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Abstract Despite of the large scale adoption of cloud computing, there are numerous issues that are inherent in these systems including unreliable level of latency and issues related to mobility. These problems and challenges can be overcome through adoption of fog computing. It can provide elastic resources and services to end users. The present research addressed the definitions of fog computing, application scenarios, quality of service, capacity, storage, security and privacy, reliability and issues in terms of these dimensions of fog computing. A number of challenges and opportunities in the large scale adoption of fog computing have also been highlighted. The present study has also made a number of futuristic recommendations and proposals. It is through overcoming the challenges and problems identified in fog computing that its adoption and implementation can be improved. Introduction Fog computing, also referred to as fog networking, is a mechanism or architecture that uses a wide range of end user clients and systems to create a large amount of storage. It can be perceived in both cloud computing as well as other related data storage architectures. With an increase in the internet of things, a wide range of sensors are being deployed into devices. This has led to the generation of a large amount of information. For the purpose of managing and storing this data, fog computing is now being used. Cloud computing had seen its emergence in the past few years.

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