Foils In The Lone Drow

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Everybody has a shadow something, or something they try to hide, something inside of themselves that they refuse to show anyone else, most of us are able to keep that person safely hidden, others must reveal that side of themselves to climb the social ladder, or in the case of Drizzt Do’Urden to survive, surrounded by the enemy, behind enemy lines, and ready to die, Drizzt is forced to release his shadow, The Hunter, in order to survive. In Salvatore’s novel The Lone Drow, Drizzt Do’Urden is phenomenon within Faerun, he feels detached from his homeland due to his inherently good nature, Drizzt is a drow who hails from the city Menzoberranzan an underground city where liars and cheats reach the top while the good-hearted remain at the bottom of the staircase. Drizzt abandons his homeland in order to move to the surface where heroes could succeed instead of trodden upon. On the surface Drizzt is abandoned and trodden upon due to his race, overtime Drizzt is able to build a reputation as a good-hearted drow, something the surface dwellers had never seen. Salvatore creates a round ever changing character through the use of foil between Drizzt, The Best Swordsman in…show more content…
While Artemis and him are two of the best swordsman in the realm they both used this trait very differently to accomplish drastically different things. That being an assassin for Artemis and a folk hero for Drizzt. This reflects on their ability to make friends and their earlier lives and how they chose to deal with the situations they were put into. While there are few who can compete with Drizzt Do’Urden on the field of Battle Artemis Entreri is certainly one of them and while Drizzt found him unworthy, Salvatore uses Drizzt’s morality to move the character forward. While Artemis is stuck in one place as a statoc character an eveil begruding man who just wants one more shot at beating Drizzt
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