Follow Work Place Policies

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Work place policies are the guiding frames to their organisational's day to day problems and how to act in accordance to legislations, regulations and code of practice. Work place procedures explain how to carry out the tasks and duties and who is responsible for each particular tasks.

Policies and procedures provide the organisation to operate in an efficient and effective manner, will be consistent in decision making and operational procedures, promote stability and continuity, provide framework for business planning and helps in solving problems quickly and effectively.

Policies are designed to operate the organisation smoothly with no confusion, chaos and no breakdown of order and discipline as they are the foundation stone on which the organisation runs.
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It helps in minimising the number of accidents, reduce failure rates and improve the business. Employees can show consistency in their job performances and can control work place stress levels. It will decrease customer complaints and can help to be successful in jobs. It creates confidence and helps in decision making. It assists staff to initiate actions and take responsibilities without any constant reference to management. It even helps management to assist the employees with out any
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