Followership For A Group Of International Visitors From Saudi Arabia

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"The Followership"
The topic of my speech is “The Followership”. My speech is speech to inform to share the concept of followership for a group of international visitors from Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, manages tend to be very instructional in their approach. Subordinates view it as the boss’s role to take decisions and to convey those decisions down the chain for implementation (World Business Culture, n.d.). The concept of followership has a very important part to play and vital role in the success of company. The purpose is the importance of followership in company’s success. I will explain about the followership and give an idea how it harmonious with leadership. The main point of my speech is “The followership is also important
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It is a social relationship between the leader, followers and the group. It is not passive obedience to others. It is a process whereby followers engage in critical thinking constructively and interact with and support the leader to help achieve task. Good followers are accountable for their actions. They can also influence and mould the leader’s views. When necessary they can even substitute for the leader. Followership is the mirror image of leadership. After all, an underlying truth is that leaders would be nonexistent without the support of their followers. To some extent, the relationship between leaders and followers resembles a miniature democracy. Thus, followership should be credited as leadership.
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Explain about the followership by comparing leadership and followership.
Also, I will present about the five types of followers and how a good leader creates an environment conducive to an exemplary followership style.
Leadership and followership are different sides of the same coin, each intimately connected with the other in a dynamic manner. Followership is not only about the individuals who follow within a team, but also about the relationship between these individuals and their leader. Without followers, a leader is a lonely figure. There is a dynamic relationship of mutual
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