Followership Research Paper

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Followership and Leadership Followership and Leadership are concepts that apply to every career field and organization. Though leadership is often the more prominent topic, followership contributes equally to the success or failure of an organition. One is not present without the other and the importance of understanding how these two concepts are interconnected and work together is vital to performing well in either role.
Though there are not many people who strive to be followers based on the importance placed on the role of leaders, and the stigma of followership, great leaders cannot adequately perform their roles in the absences great followers. Therefore, the role of followership is not only necessary but vital to the ability of
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Individuals who arm themselves with this type of knowledge will be better followers and leaders in the workplace, as entrepreneurs, and in any field of study. Furthermore, they will be more likely to experience success and recognize opportunities for personal growth and development, because they will not define themselves purely according to their position. They are aware of their purpose and value and recognize that with experience, further learning and development there is opportunity to progress and changes in the positions they hold. Great leadership combined with great followership leads to greater success for the individuals and the organization. On the other side, “weak leadership and weak followership are two sides of the same coin and the consequence is always the same: organizational confusion and poor performance.” (McCallum,…show more content…
Leaders must be willing to commit themselves to a mission and use influence to encourage others to work toward the same goal. Followers must be willing to commit themselves to the mission and follow those in leadership positions.
• Communication ability. Leaders who are unable to effectively communicate will fail to build successful teams, reach objectives or develop trust among members of the organition. Followers must be able to effectively communicate as well, to ensure the team is functioning the way it should and the leadership understands the what is taking place within the organition and how the teams or groups are functioning. Effective communication between both roles is critical to the overall success of an
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