Following The 2016 Presidential Election, The Undocumented

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Following the 2016 presidential election, the undocumented immigrant communities were anxious about their future in America. A multitude felt distressed, afraid that they would be separated from and would no longer be able to support their family. The level of insecurity within these communities across the country reached its apex. Simply, this phenomenon occurred because people had listened to months of anti-immigrant rhetoric that then-candidate Donald Trump had been spewing. Mass deportation and separation from family and friends were on the minds of many. A light of hope then emerged from several places in the country, and it gave a reason for immigrants to lift their heads again. Shortly after the election, city officials from several…show more content…
The guideline by which immigration officials identify these “dangerous” individuals is extremely vague. Immigration officials can arrest a person who, at their discretion, “pose a risk to public safety or national security.” By this definition, an arrest can be made on anyone, since there is no specific directions to arrest law-breaking undocumented immigrants. When discussing current events, however, we need to refine this definition. An article, titled “Sanctuary Cities in Name Only,” does a spectacular job in defining “sanctuary” very specifically in the context of current events. According to the article, to become a sanctuary, cities should never allow local police to “detain noncitizens on the federal government’s behalf.” Repeatedly, this article highlights the important role that local police departments have in carrying out Trump’s mass deportation plan. How can ICE, by itself, track and sort millions of unauthorized immigrants in the country? It is frankly impossible, but it relies on the help of local police departments to

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