Following The End Of World War Two, Or Any Way For That

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Following the end of World War Two, or any way for that matter, the people who are injured are automatically set apart from other. In past wars the battles were much more gruesome due to the lack of medical care. Many soldiers lost limbs, became paralyzed, and lost vision or hearing. After war was completed the men that were worst affected by the lack of healthcare were the ones who felt that they no longer had a place in society, much like people who have extreme visual impairment. War cripples communities for years after it has ended, setting those who fought in it apart from their families and friends. On another note, literary works that portray both isolation from blindness and isolation from war , All The Light We Cannot See and…show more content…
Confined as a radar technician, he was stuck in a truck for a year in a completely foreign land, "Mail does not reach them. Months pass and Werner does not write to his sister" (Doerr 345). The only person he had to talk to in his life, his sister, was cut off to him. As a 17 year old boy he became isolated from the life that he used to know. Family connection is one of the most important factors to adolescent mental health. The closer to the family, the less likely to develop mental health issues (Hall np). The sadness he felt would exponentially worsen due to him struggling with finding himself as a person. Following the war, Werner survived World War Two with luck, but his struggles were not over, they were far from it. The lack of medical care post war crippled the once Nazi soldiers, many did not know what to do with themselves, some of the soldiers who survived the war are whispering names of friends that they lost during the war. At night the men can be heard moaning in despair and nightmares. Werner says that he 'feels weightless ' all alone in his bed surrounded by sadness and bad memories (Doerr 483). The situation obviously shows that many soldiers were in very bad mental states after the war, isolated from the world that they no longer knew. While in the Nazi party they only knew the Nazi life, following the rules, always believing that they were right. Once the war was over they then were lost because they had been so sure that they were the good

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