Following The Introduction Of The Linear Perspective From

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Following the introduction of the linear perspective from Brunelleschi, his pervasive influence began showing up in many artist’s works. The religious works of Masaccio, Piero della Francesca and Botticelli would incorporate these new mathematical and geometry based ideas, further changing the view of pictorial linear views in art. Tomaso di ser Giovanni was an incredible artist whose career was cut short at an early age (Adams, p.87; Bendico, 2013) Born in Florence, Masaccio was a contemporary of Giotto, Brunelleschi and Donatello (Kren & Marx, 1996). Masaccio would go on to take the classical style, mathematical proportion and naturalistic style and make it his own. In his short time Masaccio created multiple well known works,…show more content…
The naturalism in this work is one of the contributing factors in the fresco being a perfect three dimensional illusion. Each subject evokes an emotionally charged response from the viewer, in using a humanistic style; Masaccio is able to illustrate how Christ’s human form would appear in bearing his own weight off the nails, his body twisted toward Mary (Bendico, 2013). In using linear perspective, Masaccio symbolizes the separation between heaven and earth, and depicts life, death and impeding resurrection in perfect detail. God and the Holy Spirit complete the complex religious symbolism for the viewer, for God so loved the world he gave his first born son. Masaccio’s Trinity will be forever recognized as the first work utilizing Brunelleschi’s linear perspective perfectly (Adams, p.90; Khan Academy, 2017) a work that would ultimately name Masaccio as the “Father of Renaissance painting” (Encyclopedia of Art History. N.d; Kren & Marx, 1996). Another phenomenal work of religious art in the Renaissance is the Baptism of Christ by the artist Piero della Francesca. Born in Borgo San Sepolcro, in Tuscany (Pioch, 2012; Adams, p.184) Piero worked throughout Italy as an esteemed artist and was influenced by none other than Brunelleschi (Adams, 184) .Piero would eventually write two treatises on his geometric style, illustrating how to construct even the most complex
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