Fonterra as a Socially Responsible Company

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FONTERRA AS A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY Executive summary Fonterra is a co-operatively owned multinational dairy company and also New Zealand’s largest company. The purpose of this report was to determine the company’s public image as well as investigate whether the company operates in a socially responsible manner. An analysis of various instances in which Fonterra has appeared in the media was conducted with the perspectives on corporate social responsibility in mind. The conclusions were that the public image of the company has been tainted as a result of ineffectively attending to crisis and not demonstrating sufficient initiative in socially responsible activities, as well as that the company is yet to be a truly socially…show more content…
While Fonterra’s gesture was made with good intent, the fact that it was only made after the incident in China showed the company did not take enough initiative to fulfill its social responsibilities and was therefore criticized. Milk for Schools Fonterra’s initiative to distribute free milk in primary schools across New Zealand by the end of 2013 was met with three distinctively different reactions from the public; praises were received from some, while others aruged that this is “just a massive publicity ploy” and the rest were worried about taxpayers having to pick up the bill for the milk (Rotherham, 2011). The article “Milking a very good PR idea” (2011) also mentions that this action targeted the public concern regarding high milk prices and praises Fonterra for this public relations acheivement. It is evident from these comments that Fonterra’s approach to corporate social responsibility in this situation can be viewed in different ways, depending on the perspective of the individual. In the eye of those who praised Fonterra, the Milk for Schools program would be seen as a proactive strategic approach by the company, which is primarily when a company voluntarily contributes to
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