Food Acquisition At A Grocery Store

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Have you noticed the issues of how people in our culture think about and acquire food? For this assignment I have observed food acquisition at a grocery store. The data collection is consisted of two separate parts: fieldwork notes part one and brief interviews part two. The verbal questionnaire’s (mini- interviews) lasted from 2-5 minutes per person out of the ten individuals. The observations are broken down into blocks, meaning I observed the exterior and interior of the store. I under took the project at the Whole Foods Market located in Beverly Hills. I have shopped at whole foods numerous times, but decided that I should observe a location I have not been to. As a result my observations of the store do not get clouded by my opinions.
Whole Foods Market in Beverly Hills is located in an upper class area, therefore mostly the whole clientele I interviewed was either residents of the area or workers coming in for lunch. This particular store location was interesting because it was surrounded by all apartments and even located under one. When you go to a store you probably expect the store to be surrounded by other businesses and not be located in a residential area; this was my first shocker. What was interesting about this Whole Foods is that it had its own private parking in the building; I’ve mostly noticed this in stores that are located in upper class areas. The color scheme for the store and the building was brown, green, and a hint of white. It looked very bland as…
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