Food Additives

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Katie Yang
Ms. Molin
Advanced English 10C
7 May 2010
The Secret Behind Food That People Eat
The number of consumers has now risen to 200, 000, 000, subjected everyday to a bombardment of poisons in their food and drugs while lying at the mercy of “respectable corporations” (Fuller). While the chefs and sou chefs cooked their customers’ orders, they thought nothing of it. They served it to their customer and while that customer ate, one had an allergic reaction. The customer whose name was Jorma Takala suffers from hyperactivity. Therefore, additives can be dangerous and companies using them should do extreme testing before exposing it to the human population.
What are additives exactly? Well, they are substances that have no proven track
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Even though the earth holds millions of people on it, this is a large number of catastrophes. People should not have to die because of something like this. This number is increasing every year and scientists and the FDA should do something about it. If not, the numbers of consumers will also rise. The number of consumers annually differs from those being diagnosed with allergic reactions. As they continue to rise, the numbers of people admitted to the emergency rooms are also increasing. The FDA's attitude seems to be: "Let consumers figure out for themselves how much of which ingredients can make them sick." It's bad enough that people have to worry about allergic reactions to peanuts, milk, and other conventional foods. In fact, it makes no sense for health authorities to purposefully allow new unsafe ingredients into the food supply.
Types of safe food additives that have been used and known to not cause any health problems are artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are put in place of real sugar that can cause cavities. With this in mind, the manufacturers using this just think that they could put these in their gums and sugar-free and no complaints will surface from anyone. This can be true to some people because this is a safe additive, but don’t think that because it doesn’t cause many allergic reactions it is totally safe. In fact, these are some food additives that manufacturers use in their foods when preparing food to be
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