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Food advertisements are shown everywhere, they can be found on a billboard on the way to work, or simply pop up while watching youtube videos. For the most part viewers and listeners do not over think the message of the advertisement, some of them only view it as pure promotion for sales. Although, if people were to take the time and further analyze the advertisements, which are presented on a daily basis, they will notice that food advertisements have a deeper meaning or in other words a set agenda. Viewers should notice that food advertisements provide accessible food, promote gender roles to food and aim for the idea of more for less.
Throughout the food advertisement analysis, it was seen that most of the advertisement make it very accessible
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One would think this concept only happens in beauty magazines or fitness, but food advertisements are no different. These type of food advertisements highly sexulized women and show what type of women attracts viewers attention .To begin, Carl's Jr. burger commercials exaggerates when a woman takes a bite at a juicy hamburger. In both scene viewers are presented with white thin women who just happen to be half dress. This is a burger advertisement people not a swimsuit one, it is not like consumers are going to walk into a Carl’s Jr. filled with half dress women, and be served by them. Furthermore, Carl's Jr. advertisements reveal contradicting points if viewers were to pay close attention to them. Society for the most part, are aware that consuming fast food does not provide nutritious value, nor will it make one fit. Then why should Carl’s Jr. advertisement create a blindfold for their consumers. Moving forward, food advertisements demonstrate that certain foods are only for men. For example, a Denny’s commercial opens up with a father and daughter waiting for their food. The dads food comes first and it is a meat lovers skillet, he then states that the meal is a real man’s food. To the father’s surprise his little girl just order the same exact thing. At that point the father feels completely embarrassed by his comment, while his daughter looks at him with a smirk. If both genders…show more content…
In the article, the authors elaborate the distinction of what women cook and the reason behind their cooking versus the men’s. The idea is that women cook for others because they have to. Women are the ones responsible for nourishing their children. Whereas men do not have this responsibility, if they cook it's morely seen as a hobby, and tend to experiment with their food choices. The article further emphasizes that there are “associations between masculinity and meat” ( Cairns ,Johnston, Baumann). As if the men are the only ones who should be behind the grill cooking a ribeye steak. While women should stick to caesar salads and
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