Food And Aesthetics Of Developing A Dish

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This qualitative study explains my understanding of food and aesthetics about developing a dish. This study is based on series of my experiences, learning and understanding of food as a subject, in order to understand the detail to conceive and develop a dish, keeping in mind a preliminary view of the final plating, flavour and user consumption. Further in this study I will be going into detail of how I conceptualized the dish and what factors were considered for creation of this dish.

The cognitive significance of food is an effort of reference, representation, expression, exemplification, and the social conditions of its preparation and serving. (Korsmeyer, 1999, p. 136) Cooking has always been a huge part of my upbringing. I come from a society that believes in cooking meals at home, no matter what our schedules are. In India its called “Ghar Ka Khana” meaning “home made food”. Unlike most patriarchal societies, cooking in Kashmir is not only done by women, it’s a family affair and everyone in the family contributes and eats together as it is believed to enhance the experience of consumable pleasure, food. Lindsey Shere concurs, food should be enjoyable, and bring people together somehow. If people ate together everyday, things would be different. And if people ate and cooked together, things would be very different. (Dornenburg & Page, 1996, p. 396)

I have decided to create a dish is a conceptual interaction between the affinity trail and the bridging trail that

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