Food And Diet Essay

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Food and Diet “Let food be thy medicine.” - Hippocrates. Everything that people eat affects them in a certain way. The American diet has seen some insane changes over time and has caused more issues now than it has ever done before. There has been many studies that show that people’s diets have connections with diseases and people should know about this. There are many claims that say that the things the majority of the people eat are related to the diseases they get. In the video, What the Health, it stated, ‘An animal food diet affects heart disease a lot. There are carcinogens in chicken, like KFC. The number one source for carcinogens is chicken.’ This is basically saying that meat and chicken cause heart problems and are very…show more content…
In the article, “Hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats increase risk of cancer, scientists say” by Melissa Healy, it states, “Having less meat on your plate might make extra room for vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes-all of which reduce saturated fat, increase fiber and deliver antioxidant vitamins.” This is basically telling us how having a vegan diet affects our body compared to a meat diet; the vegan diet is affecting us in a healthy way while the meat diet is impacting us in a hurtful way. This matters because lots of people do not eat vegetables and eat pure meat, which is bad for everyone's’ health. There are many things people can do to protect their health, but only a few know because of the government.
Our government plays an important role in determining our diet. In the video, What The Health, it states, ‘The government is encouraging colored people to eat foods that will make them ill.” This means that the government does not care about the people’s health and uses everybody for its own will. This matters because lots of people do not know this and think that the government is actually on their side. In the video, Vegan 2016, it states, ‘The government does not tell you to eat less meat, but to eat 10% less of saturated fat.’ This basically means to eat less meat and avoid highly processed foods. This matters because lots of people do not know what 10% less of saturated fat would be in the meat; this is the government’s fault. This
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