Food And Drug Act Of 1906

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Everyday you consume things may it be food, drinks, or prescription drugs. Most people will just absent mindedly intake these products subconsciously knowing that they are monitored by government organizations ensuring your safety. It has not always been that was and has progressed greatly throughout the years. although all consumer safety organizations may not be reputable, they do much more good than harm. Consumer safety is something that is extremely important to the American family, and has help thousands of people survive. Consumer safety is something that has allowed America to progress to where it is today. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, it is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring that foods are…show more content…
It is an industry that today is in very close ties with the FDA. The FDA has lost face because it is now to closely linked with big pharmaceutical companies. It is more beneficial and profitable for ‘Big Pharma’ to have more unhealthy people because that would mean more drug sales. Mercola, Joseph, Dr. "Exposing the Truth Behind FDA Approval and Guidance." The FDA is something that many people know about, but do not know what happens within the company. A majority of Americans have heard stories on the news of people making huge acquisitions of how the FDA killed their child by no correctly regulation fast food companies ; or how their husband died for a heart attack because the warning label on his bottle of medication was not correct. Dr. David Graham is the senior scientist within the FDA’s Office of Drug Safety. Graham became concerned when he started to see an increased number of patients having heart attacks and strokes after taking a large does of the drug Vioxx, back in 2002. He raised his concern to the FDA saying that the warning label needs to be changed due to his new findings. He had trouble getting this any attention from the FDA’s administration and decided it was time to ‘blow the whistle’ and go to the media. Graham made a statement saying, “The people who approve the drug in the first place, within the FDA, and take pride in the fact that they’ve brought a drug to the market - that is their baby. This is their drug.” he says this because the
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