Food And Its Impact On Society

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Everyone on earth needs food to sustain themselves, but have we ever thought to consider what we put in our mouths? Foods have changed greatly as humans continue to advance technologically. The greatest change of food however comes from society. The foods that we eat and create are influenced greatly by societies behaviors and habits. Foods in a culture sometimes represent a society itself. These habits vary from around the world. The easiest and most efficient way for a society to sustain itself is to produce its own food. As nomadic societies grew larger they were forced to settle and become somewhat of a agricultural society to sustain their larger population. The crops that were produced varied around the world but as the world became more technologically advanced foods could be anywhere at any time we wanted. As populations rise people had to find a way to produce a great deal of food in a short amount of time. Back then it was simple because there were not many mouths to feed. The people of today are concerned about the health issues of food ever since it was industrialized. According to Texas A and M university the meat inspection act was made for, " Detection and Destruction of diseased meat and/or contaminated meat." These laws and acts came in place for concern of the people. Even today there is controversy with genetically grown foods. There are major benefits to genetically grown crops such as growing crops fast but there are also concerns. According to
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