Food And Shelter : Architecture And Food

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Food and shelter have always been a part of our conscious and often dominate our immediate attention. (Hosey, 2003.) They are a part of our routine news, entertainment, work, interests and even our obsessions. A large number of journals, websites and television shows are centered on food as well as shelter. It seems evident that food and shelter have a noticeable connection. They lure our senses. Food starts to imitate architecture and architecture imitates food. It is a stronger profound connection between the two that keeps these subjects at the forefront of our bulletin and our consciousness. Architecture and food adhere to similar principles: design phase or ingredient gathering, building phase or food preparation and finally usage or consumption. Initiating from regional elements such as regional terrain these elements later befall into a fragment of the terrain after their life cycle. Architecture and cuisine manifest themselves in the making; both evolve and last in the form of memories, tastes, and time. They represent a universe of sensual materials based on reflecting with things; rather than reflecting about things. If a gourmet dish is an expression of the human talent for transforming terrestrial materials into an edible substance, a cooking ritual is reflecting with materials, food science is merely thinking about that material. A cook thinks using the ingredients in his or her kitchen, whereas, a nutritionist or dietician thinks using denomination such as
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