Food Apps And The Apple App

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With technology nowadays, the production and use applications, or simply apps, have become widely popular. Being that I am a Computer Science major, and have myself created a mobile application and a handful of web applications, I know the power of this stuff and how they are able to reach and affect millions of people all over the planet. As wise ones once said: With great power comes great responsibility. We must create and use this technology boom and creation of applications to benefit human life, not harm it. I believe we started to do this with the creation of food apps. The power to spread beneficial knowledge about food can reach everyone with the tap of a finger. Healthy food practices and the awareness of organic foods can change people lives through an app. However, some food apps fail to do such. Some apps are more profit focussed rather than morality focused. I will cover the strengths and weaknesses of three food apps in the Apple App Store, one Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, EAT24, and Yummly. First we will go over Seafood Watch. The first weakness I immediately notice (note this may be a biased opinion based on my app development experience) is the user interface. The app is not all that pretty, and nowadays the top apps are also the most beautiful. Besides that, the applications contents are really good. I am able to search for different kinds of seafood, and also learn a lot about that particular breed of fish. On the home screen, there is a

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