Food Being Accessible For Consumption And Economic Impact On Our Lives

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All of the foods that we consume have both and ecological and economic impact on our lives. When trying to determine the impact of a type of food being accessible for consumption and its ecological and economic impact on today’s society, it is important for us to keep in mind the transportation, possible pesticides, or destruction of Mother Nature for harvesting. I decided to analyze a dinner that I have frequently during the summer. This dinner consists of a beef hamburger, fresh corn on the cob, and cookie dough ice cream. I purchased two out of three items for this meal from Giant Food Stores in my town. The company that produces the hamburger that I purchased is called Sterling Silver Premium Meat. Sterling Silver Meat is sourced…show more content…
The impact that meat productions have on the environment varies due to the variety of agricultural practices, unsustainable and sustainable, employed around the world (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, 1995). All practices of agriculture have a variety of effects on the environment. Some effects have been found to have an assortment that have been affiliated with the meat production are: air pollution, land consumption: deforestation and over-grazing, pollution through fossil fuel usage: transport and processing, and water pollution: runoff containing manure (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, 1995). “Livestock production contributes 40 percent of global agricultural gross domestic product, provides income for more than 1.3 billion people and uses on-third of the world’s fresh water.” (Walsh, 2013). In North America a cow consumes about 165.4 pounds to 661.4 pounds of dry grass or grain to only produce 2.2 pounds of protein (Walsh, 2013). The cows that emit carbon output in the forms of methane gas from their manure, reducing carbon absorption in the soil results when forested area are converted into pasture – major soil erosion (Walsh, 2013). Over grazing or “ranch induced deforestation” by the cows can cause soil degradation and destroy and kill plant life, making it difficult to use (Walsh, 2013). Unless well
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