Food Born Illness Essay

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Working Through a Food-Borne Illness
Alvine Discharge Diseases

Alvine Discharge Diseases
What key activities and important facts tie each of the individual cases together? Some key facts that tie both cases together are that typhoid was spread by some form of contaminated food by a person (milk, food, water, seafood). In the case of Typhoid Mary, it was spread by her handling the food improperly. She was a carrier, and thus when she did not use good sanitary food preparation skills (like washing of hands), she passed the typhoid along to others. In the second case in Schenectady, New York, water did not seem to play a part in the spread of typhoid. So in both of these cases, the key fats that tie them together is the way
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They can also do swabbing of the utensils used to cook the food, kitchens, and food itself ETC. They should have taken these steps as well: determined if an outbreak had occurred, contacted key personnel, obtained clinical specimens and food testing, implemented control measures, define a case, described the outbreak by person, place, and time, epidemic curves, maps and pictures, frequency tables, developed, planned, and tested their hypothesis, analyzed their collected data, and reported their findings to proper authorities. Revisit and do follow up with all the people.
OF the three persons- Picket, Bennett, and Reinhardt- who was most likely to have been infected during the picnic outbreak? Who was most likely to have been infected before the picnic? Going by the facts for typhoid disease from Merck, stools are positive during the 3rd to 5th week, therefore Irene Picket and Kenneth Rinehart should have been infected before the picnic and Margaret Benet at the picnic. Her stools were positive after the 3rd to 5th week time period for the picnic.
Which laboratory tests might be administered nowadays that was not available in 1939? Now they can do bone marrow testing. Back then, but still in use is the Widal test, it can be done, and a combination of blood, urine, stool, and bone marrow. Now they use the typhidot test kit, it could have aided
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