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Food Choice When it comes to your food selection do you base it off taste, cost, religious reasons, or availability? In the United States food selection I would say has a good variety of different foods. Weather it be organic, fast food, vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free, etc. I think it more depends on us and what we can do with the selection of food that we have in the United States. Anyone can easily go to a fast food drive thru, and order a burger, fry, and a large coke that is loaded with saturated fats, sugars, and tons of calories. On the other hand, it takes will power to buy healthy food, and make a home cooked meal with vegetables, fruits, dairy, and grains. I think the United States has good variety of food that can satisfy a multitude of different people. . It 's our responsibility to inspect our food choices, and to make better decisions regarding what we eat. In the documentary “Food, Inc.” we learn how animals like cows, pigs, and chickens are slaughtered, and how their meat is prepared and packaged. We see the various farmers or food workers make a profit. We also realize how we put the cost of food and how convenient it is to get our food over the nutritional value of the food. In “Food, Inc.” we find out how more and more food products are made out of corn like meat, cheese, ketchup, Coca Cola, and so on (“Food, Inc.”). In the film we see how the animals that our food comes are treated. We see the chickens being raised in half the time they were in

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