Food Choices and People's Health

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Food choice and people’s health are important issues in modern society. The development of fast food industry has produced many kinds of delicious and high calories foods which always have delicious taste, while new nutrition standards about nutritious food require that people have to avoid the high calories foods to avoid obesity. People now have enough information and know how to choose healthy foods; however, there are many elements in daily life that influence people’s food choices.
In fact, health is the first important factor for people to think about before they choose a food. Taste is the second important factor that affect people’s food choices. People tend to choose a food that is suitable to their taste. Culture also effect food choice. People from different culture are have different choices. Moreover, people’s income has great influence to food choice. People have to choose a food that is appropriate with their budget. Furthermore, advertising and emotion are the two factors that affect people food’s choice. For example, teenager tend to choose a food that is advertised on television which makes them feel fun and exciting than other foods.
Although many elements affect people’s choice, they have to read and evaluate nutrition information on the food label which includes nutrition facts, nutrient and health claims, daily values, and freshness date to make sure that we choose a healthy food. Nutritional experts developed a tool which is called daily values to
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