Food Combining : The What, The How And The Why. What Is It?

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Food Combining: The What, the How and the Why.

What is it?
Swimsuit season is almost upon us! Attaining the perfect summer body can often seem like an arduous task. The sheer amount of diet advice circling the web would make even the most seasoned expert feel like they need hide in a corner and eat all the leftover Easter eggs. However, there is no need to fear ‘Food Combining’ is here.
What on earth is food combining you ask? Well we’re here to tell you. Although an old technique it is still a pretty big secret. Most diets focus on eating less and exercising more, but there is rarely any talk about what happens when the food you put in your mouth gets to your stomach. Good digestion is the Holy Grail when it comes to long term health and weight loss. Due to the introduction of processed food, the western world has lost touch with this and our ecosystems have become damaged as a result. A damaged ecosystem causes more than weight gain, it can also lead to fatigue and poor all round health.
How it works
So how does it work? Think back to your high school science lessons, the core principle is Acid vs Alkaline. When the digestive system is damaged undigested food sets up house in the digestive tract, this creates a toxic environment that increases acidity in the blood. This will make anyone more prone to illness as it allows yeast, viruses, cancer cells and parasites to grow inside the body.
The process is essentially changing your eating habits to eating foods that

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