Food Controversy

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Food Controversy In the food industry there have been many issues and processes that have brought a large amount of question to the industry overall, like the meat packing process in its early stages. I can 't think of a more heated issue in the last few passing years then the controversy over Genetically modified organisms in the food industry. Some countries are for it some are against it. Many sides will argue that genetically mutated organisms (GMO) are bad for the food industry while others will argue the opposite. While genetically mutate organisms have proved to provide many positive uses on today 's earth the question still remains the same are GMO 's good for us, the environment, or at all. Also if they yield more negative…show more content…
Now say this crop began to grow outside of where it was intended. Possibly the seeds spread to somewhere unintended. Now we have a super crop that is beginning to invade different parts of the already functional ecosystem in the surrounding area. These super crops would begin to take over the already existing species of corn, possibly wiping out the indigenous variety completely. This hypothetical situation I just described is actually quite similar to what actually occurred in Mexico in 2002. (Charles Clover) GMO corn crops actually crossed the border into Mexico and weaseled its way into their southern corn crops. About 1,876 seedlings from indigenous varieties of corn from different areas in the country were analyzed by scientists. Of these seedlings 95 percent found traces of a gene from the cauliflower mosaic virus, which was used as a sort of on switch to invoke insecticidal or herbicidal properties on the GMO corn crops created in the United States. This contamination averaged 10 to 15 percent and reached a peak of 35 percent of the rural farmers crops cross pollinated with the GMO strain. These crops spread with such speed that this problem was unpredictable. Along with the possibility of GMO crops spreading and taking over other strains of the crop GMO 's can also affect different species of insects in the area potentially destroying the
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