Food Court Business Plan

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INDEX S.No Topic Page 1 Introduction 2 2 Executive Summary 2-3 3 Organizational Hierarchy 4 4 Marketing Objective 5-6 5 Market Analysis 7 6 Market Strategy And marketing Mix 8-9 7 Sales strategy 10-12 8 Innovative Marketing Strategy 13 9 Break Even 14 10 Financial Analysis 15-19 11. Economic Feasibility 20 12 Summary 21 INTRODUCTION BUSINESS PLAN: (FOOD COURT) [pic] WE ARE PLANNING TO SET UP A FOODCOURT IN BANGALORE CITY WHICH OFFERS DEEP ASSORTMENT OF TRADITIONAL VARIETY OF CUISINES AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS PARTS OF COUNTRY UNDER ONE ROOF. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: ➢ We will be starting novel concept of food court in…show more content…
➢ To become Market leader in Bangalore. SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGTH ➢ Location: - Our food court will be placed in such an area which can be easily accessible from all part of city. ➢ Experienced staff: - Our hired expertise staff helps us in providing quality food service to our customer. ➢ Ambience of place: - The feeling of being in their native place while dinning is itself a pleasure experience which gives us an advantage over others. WEAKNESS ➢ Lack of experience: Food court is a start up and the odds are laced against it. Will face stiff competition from local players. ➢ Financing: - Preliminary estimates of sales and expenditures suggest that it will remain financially stable. However unforeseen expenditure or poor sales will threaten cash position, which will be particularly vulnerable in one year. ➢ Limited personnel: - Since we need expertise staff and to find and retain it is very difficult because of the competition in the market. Opportunities:- ➢ Growing market: - restaurants market is growing at a fast speed and demand for quality food is never ending. ➢ Potential to become a premier food provider: - because of the experienced and expertise staff we can deliver quality food products. Also the use of technology like Surface technology on table makes it quite innovative and a new experience.

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