Food Culture Between Vietnam and America

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Nghia Nguyen

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Food Culture in Vietnam and America
When we discuss about the differences between Vietnamese and America culture, we can think of many things such as History, Style of Music, Arts, Religion, Language, etc. And, I will tell you some differences and similarities in eating culture of the two countries. Even though they both have things in common such as family’s dinner, tea and coffee for morning, three meals a day or small snacks between main meals. But, the food cultures of two countries are different in many ways including kinds of farmland, living style, cooking style and eating style.
First of all, Vietnam and America both have farmlands and seas to raise animals and sea
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The basic food in Vietnam is dry; the meals usually come with rice, vegetables, eggs, and small amounts of meat and fish. Although similar to Chinese cooking, Vietnamese cooking uses little fat or oil for frying. Fish sauce is a main spice in almost every Vietnamese dish. In addition, they drink a large amount of hot green tea and coffee without adding sugar, milk, or lemon. As same as Vietnamese, in America they have three meals a day with some snacking on fruits and
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