Food Culture Of The Law Enforcement

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I never doubted the food in America for being unhygienic because of the law enforcement. After moving in the United States few months back, I am amazed with the food culture in American. As diverse as America is in terms of its population, so were the food items. For a while I wanted to try every new dish found here. Most of the foods are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. However I was surprised to see how fresh vegetables were more expensive than other food product like meat. Back in my home country, fresh vegetables were less expensive than that of other food products. After eating foods in America for almost 3 months, I noticed a change in my body structure. I was getting fatter. I ate same food as I used to eat in my home country in the same amount. I thought the change was due to my healthy diet. By chance I watched a documentary called “Food Inc.” which changed my perspective about food culture and prices in America. For example, the FDA approved red dye 40 to be a healthy food coloring in beverages. However, some studies are often linked with hyperactivities in children due to intake of red dye 40. Most of the European countries have banned food coloring dye (CNN) while it’s still valid in America to buy colored food item. So, how healthy is American food? It’s questionable. I came to realize that almost all the American food diet is now Corn based. There has been change in the grocery store prices in past 30 years. It’s because food prices
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