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Europeans, for example, have been highly skeptical of any benefits they might gain from GM foods. Many nations in the European Union (EU) have effectively banned imports of what they refer to as "Frankenfoods," a reference to the famous story of the fictional monster assembled by Dr. Frankenstein from miscellaneous spare parts. The U.S claims that the EU 's anti-GM food policy violates free trade laws.
Many questions remain regarding the future of GM foods. Should they continue to be sold in the U.S., even though they may have unforeseen negative consequences? Or should the U.S. take a cue from the EU and limit the selling of GM foods until they are unequivocally proven to be risk-free? Do the possible future health benefits of GM foods--such as fruits and vegetables with extra vitamins and vaccines built into their DNA--cancel out any potential risks that the new technology brings?
Supporters of GM foods say that since there has been no evidence of GM foods harming humans, it is reasonable to assume that they are safe for consumption. GM food backers denounce criticism of genetic engineering as fear-mongering. Besides, they argue, no new technology is without a certain degree of risk. GM food supporters believe that the possible health benefits of GM foods overwhelm any possible dangers.
Supporters of biotech crops also maintain that if GM food technology is allowed to develop, it may prove to be instrumental in eliminating world hunger.
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