Food Defined by Michael Pollan

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A bread is no longer an original bread but a mixture of chemicals. Most products out in the market are not food, and people should choose wisely on what they put in their mouth. It is important for people to eat healthy food and keep their immune system strong. People these days bought food that is cheap and available to them. They have to choices to eat healthy yet it is hard to control themselves against something that is convenient, low cost, and predictable. The article “Eat Food: Food Defined,” written by Michael Pollan, explains what kinds of food people should eat. Based on his explanations the only food are those capable of rotting, less than 5 ingrdients and with pronumbacble ingrdeients. He also said we should not go to the supermarket nor buy can food but to buy fresh food from farmer’s market. His ideas of eating food is push toward the healthy side, and it is a great start for people to understand, to learn and to progress in eating healthily. There are many different types of food out there in the market and in order to know what to choose from people must start with reading the labels. Pollan says:“ AVOID FOOD PRODUCTS CONTAINING INGREDIENTS THAT ARE A) UNFAMILIAR, B) UNPRONOUNCEABLE, C) MORE THAN FIVE IN NUMBER, OR THAT INCLUDE D) HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.”(Page 494) In his point of view, most food are processed and will not be considered to even ca,k as food since it has not met his expedition. I agree that high-fructose corn syrup is bad and contribute
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