Food Deserts in the United States

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“Food Desert” refers to an area in a rural or even urban region with little or no access to big grocery stores that provides affordable and fresh food for people to have a healthy diet. These areas are mostly composed of low-income households who are often Hispanics and African-Americans (Ploeg and Breneman et al). They are often “trapped” in a geographical location where only small convenient stores, which do not have sufficient supply of all common, fresh and healthy food, are available. Currently, there are 13.6 Million Americans who have difficulties in accessing to super markets and large grocery stores. People living in such areas with limited access to grocery stores spend 19.5 minutes more to travel, comparing to the people living in non-food-desert areas (Ploeg and Breneman et al). Currently in the Unite States, food deserts spread all over the country and are expanding to many more rural areas. There are several attempts in many different research that tries to measure, locate and label food desert but in the end, there has not yet been an official scientific way to measure whether a place is included in a food desert and much more study is needed. However the USDA used the Census and Population data to create a food desert locator, which could be accessed by the general public. According to the food desert locator provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it is obvious that west America is much more threatened by food deserts comparing to
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