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Food Ethic Essay by *encyclopediaMurphy

Food Ethic

Food remains one of the most important resources in our daily life, and where it's grown, processed, and sold all take part in our daily lives. More controversy unfolds every year with the development of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and the ethical treatment of animals. But that's only scratching the surface of the food system. Climate change, fuel prices, and the economy are all indirectly effected by the agriculture business.

Most of the food you purchase probably comes from a conventional farm, and was processed in a factory and then packaged, shipped, and sold at your local grocery store. Conventional farming usually involves working with GMOs for a higher crop yield
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So much that I've virtually stopped using them and if I do, make sure the food doesn't spend much time in it while I hope no chemicals leaked through.

While health may be a larger issue for some, other people are concerned about more than that, and focus on the ethics of eating meat. At National Beef, 400 cattle are slaughtered an hour. Most of them fed with cheap corn or the remnants of their predecessors, and stand in ankle deep manure in feedlots with hundreds of other cattle. Most of them become sick due to their corn-based diet (cows are meant to eat grass, not corn). Even animals that aren't bred for meat live in nightmarish environments, such as hens that are forced to lay eggs in small, wire cages with 6 other hens. A lot of people are concerned about the suffering of the animal, and the 5 percent error rate McDonald's allows for their beef. The cows are killed quickly and virtually painlessly with a 6-inch bolt shot through a "stun-gun" into their forehead, and then processed, but about 20 cattle an hour suffer a lot more when the 5 percent error rate is put into action. Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) probably pay attention to these issues more than others. While I consider some of their ideas and beliefs radical and their methods for saving animals hypocritical at best, I do agree with them on the side that something is wrong with America's meat.

Whether it's fruits, vegetables, meat, or some other

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