Food Foods And Its Effects On Health And Lifestyle

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Envision a family doing their weekly grocery shopping at the local grocery store. They decide to stop and pick up vegetables for later on that week. They are unsure if they should purchase canned vegetables or if they should walk to the produce department and instead purchase fresh vegetables. The deciding factor in that moment should be the healthier option. Why would they consider consuming the processed foods when the produce is clearly the healthier choice? For most Americans the answer is not that simple. Processed foods are the quick, inexpensive,and enjoyable way to satisfy hunger cravings. The act of processing foods consists of changing or altering a food product before consumption. America is one of the most advanced countries in food production and food preservation. Individuals enjoy going out to eat or stopping by the local fast food restaurant because it is convenient,tasty, and cheap, but the lasting effects can be detrimental to one’s health and lifestyle. These poorly made foods supply little to no nutritional value and increase the chances of health issues such as obesity and heart disease. Although purchasing processed foods is convenient and lasts for a long period of time, processed foods are a catalyst for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease; nutrients are being depleted and replaced with synthetic materials, and financial strain on a person’s income becomes more apparent. Eating foods that have undergone processing pose many potential risks to a
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