Food For Thought Analysis

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Food for Thought (and for Credit)
Jennifer Grossman is vice president of the Dole Nutrition Institute, which distributes health information to the public through lectures and publications. Formerly, she was the director of Education Policy at the Cato Institute and a speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush. She has written editorials for the New York Times, where this column appeared on September 2, 2003; the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, the Weekly Standard; the National Review; and the Women's Quarterly. Grossman stated that "Obesity is an epidemic. Teaching basic nutrition and food preparation is a far less radical remedy than gastric bypass surgery or fast food lawsuits"(p.288) Obesity tends
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The obesity increase rate is not only unhealthy but it's becoming a nuisance because of its economic impact. Obesity will consequently have a negative impact on education because if we keep eating the way we are we will have higher health care costs, which will decrease the amount of money needed for educational purposes. Carroll stated, "In the year 2000, no U.S. state had an obesity rate over 30%. In 2010, twelve states did"(opposing viewpoint in context. Web. 3). We have to get our eating habits under control or our life will be negatively impacted by the choices we have…show more content…
We should educate everyone about food and nutrition. If we apply the tools to life itself it might change the rate of children who are at risk for obesity. Educating the world about obesity could also help redirect the negative economic impact in America. If we do all this and more we could essentially teach people how to make smarter and healthier choices when they are faced with a delicious snack. Prevention efforts for schoolchildren, like the free fruit and vegetable program, are crucial because eating habits develop in childhood. Obese kids turn into obese adults. If parents will not or cannot enforce healthy eating habits, then schools should do what they can to fill that role.( Opposing Viewpoints in Context.
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