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Marking Sheet for HSN 101 Food Habits Assignment Criteria | Poor (N) | Fair (P) | Good (C) | Very Good (D) | Excellent (HD) | Mark assigned | | 0-1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | 1. Introduction (total 5 marks)Assignment explanation clear and accurateRelevant background information discussedDescription of aim accurate and appropriate | Additional comments | | 2. Questions to answers about the Food and Diet Questionnaire (Q1-6, total 52 marks)Questions answered appropriately according to instructionsDemonstrates understanding of causes of eating behaviours and their application | 0-25 | 26-31 | 32-36 | 37-41 | 42-52 | | | Additional comments | | 3. Questions to answers about the Food Frequency Questionnaire (Q7-11, total 28…show more content…
I am also currently trying to achieve a body fat percentage of 14%, therefore I must

Food and Diet Questionnaire
Questions 1 & 2 in the Food and Diet Questionnaire ask about shopping for food and cooking meals. How would your diet change if your answer to these questions changed? Please explain.
I do my own food shopping and cooking as I follow a strict diet plan and prefer to be in control of the types of foods I purchase, as well as the cooking methods. If I was no longer responsible for purchasing and cooking my food, I would no longer be able to adhere to the diet plan I choose to follow, as I would not be able to control the individual amounts of food that are used in each meal, and I would most often not agree with the cooking methods chosen, such as the oils chosen for frying. I also place a large importance on the types of produce I purchase, such as organic produce that supports local farmers and is free from pesticides, as well as free range, organic meats for ethical and health reasons. These beliefs always influence my food purchases and I would be forced to compromise them if others were in charge of my food shopping.

If the amount of money you spent on food each week doubled, how would this affect the foods you eat? Please explain.
I am currently buying the highest quality of food available to me when possible, therefore even if the cost doubled, I would still purchase the same
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