Food Hazards in India on Milk Adulterated Essay

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The Apex court Thursday urged the state governments to make necessary amendments to their laws to make production and marketing of adulterated milk, an offense punishable with life imprisonment. The court was hearing a Public Interest Litigation or PIL.
The ruling came in the backdrop of samples of milk collected randomly by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in 2011 revealed the large-scale sale of adulterated milk across the country.
At this stage it is relevant to know how safe the Patnaites are from these health hazards. This correspondent lens through the capital city. It is shocking to find that the manufacturing and supply being done from the Dairy Market at Patna Junction.
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Many showroom owners buys this very paneer from us and sells at a handsome rate of 200-300 per kg’.
Surprisingly another vendor appeared from somewhere, put a piece of paneer at my palm and asked ‘Sir, do you need it for the marriage party’? He offered me an unbelievable price of Rs 60 per kg. The only condition was that it was a price should I buy the whole bulk he had, approximately 20 kilograms. It was shocking. When the rate of milk is Rs. 40 per liter how is it possible to sell paneer at this rate. Obviously the product wasn’t paneer, it was a cheap look-alike. But it sparked the inquisitiveness which leads me to go ahead.
Furthermore, as I step deep inside the milk market the scene went aghast. Something like milk was being boiled in dozens of containers using a locally made burner amid heaps of garbage all around. People were urinating very near to this site. It was disgusting. I could not help taking snaps quietly. It was the area of the market which the milkmen uses and not for paneer vendors. Better to say it was the producing unit of paneer.
More or less, this very paneer is being supplied to most of the eating joint, eateries and even big hotels in Patna.
But all we need to remember are just two things. First, a kilogram of paneer needs 5 liters of milk to process. And the most trusted packed milk (Sudha) available in Patna is Rs 40/liter.

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