Food In Japanese Food Culture

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For those who don’t know, Japan is an island off the coast of China in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. One of the most important parts of Japanese culture is the cuisine. Something that might not be known is that most of the food in Japan today was introduced when Buddhism started to spread throughout the country. Although most of the food the citizens eat is made with ingredients from the island, the country is a very food varied place. There are many different types of cooking in Japan, some of which were adopted from other countries, but they all have a Japanese spin to them. The cuisine is a good reflection of Japanese culture because it reflects the elements of geography, religion, and customs. The use of rice in Japanese food culture is a long-standing tradition that is found to be very important to every meal ate on the island. Japan was actually introduced to the world of rice by southern China many years ago (Web Japan). After this original introduction during the Edo period, the rice was cultivated into wet rice paddies that the Japanese would eat (Web Japan). This use of rice stuck around for nearly two thousand years before the Japanese started creating other ways to use the rice they grew. When the rice was introduced the Japanese dedicated a large part of the island to farming rice. The Japanese use so much land for just farming rice because of the large quantity that they eat. In almost every meal that is eaten in Japan, rice is served (Katz 318).
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