Food Inc. : A Healthy Menu For My Family

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When my husband and I moved to the U.S., we spent most of our time inside grocery stores looking at labels and ingredients. Most of the food was low-fat, cholesterol-free, gluten free, sugar free, fat free or reduced sodium. Yet, people around us were massively overweight.
I remember venturing out the last store with only a few products in my bag--bread, pasta, and tomato sauce. Since then I had the urge to build a healthy menu for my family. I read nutrition books—“Back to Basics.”, “Forks over Knives.” I watched food documentaries—“The world according to Monsanto.”, “Food Inc.”, “Supersize me.” Today people have substituted water with sodas and whole food with processed foods, and nutrition with empty calories. In today’s world, it is very hard to eat healthy and, at the same time, stay on a fair budget. A can of minestrone soup—loaded with artificial flavor, monosodium glutamate, and preservative is less expensive than a basket of organic fresh produce and a bag of chips is less expensive than a bag of organic potatoes. Sadly, consumerism has influenced our eating habits. Today, people look for a bigger, quicker, cheaper, easier way of eating affecting not only their health but also the health of our planet.
In preparing the menu for a family, I took into consideration nutrition, quality of food, taste of food, the well-being of the family and the health of the planet. I have decided to create a plant-based menu—without meat, eggs, and dairy products—for a family of
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